Chakra 1 | Base or Root | Earth, Physical identity, oriented to self-preservation

Chakra 1The base or root chakra is associated with the earth element and symbolised by a vermilion red, four petal lotus flower. It is the foundation of life. Located at the base of the spine, it is linked to your Etheric body and the gonads. It deals with issues of sexuality, lust and obsessions. It initiates life through procreation and represents our will to live. It draws Earth energy up through the feet and legs to process and stabilize it. When open and balanced, it enables us to function fully in the world feeling, safe, secure, and grounded. This is where you store information about your biological family, your culture of origin. The emphasis at this level of experience is on loyalty, identification, physical survival, and establishing our purpose on earth.

Sexuality, Sensuality, Stability, Security.

You reinforce energy at the first chakra when you:

* Recognise and nurture your connection with the natural world
* Release negative experiences with your family
* Draw on your family for love and support

Affirmation: We are all one.

Chakra 2 | Sacral or Abdominal | Water, Emotional identity, oriented to self-gratification

Chakra 2

 The second chakra is associated with the water element and symbolised as an orange-gold six petal lotus flower.
It is situated just below the navel and is linked to the Emotional body and the adrenals. It is concerned with the assimilation of food as well as ideas which bring about a sense of joy. Sexuality is transmuted into the creative arts through self expression. It is your centre of control and one-on-one relationships. It is where you store energy associated with sex, interpersonal power, and money. Adversarial relationships, jealousies, sexual confusion and conflicts, and addictions are all signs of energy leakage at this chakra.
Awakening helps remembrance of astral travel.

Reproduction, Joy, Creativity, Enthusiasm.

You reinforce energy at the second chakra when you:

* Nurture supportive relationships
* Let go of past sexual traumas
* Give up addictions

Affirmation: I honour all others.

Chakra 3 | Solar Plexus | Fire, Ego identity, oriented to self-definition

Chakra 3The solar plexus chakra is associated with the fire element and symbolised by a yellow-gold, ten petal
lotus flower. Situated in the area of the stomach, between the naval and the bottom of the sternum, it is our emotional and lower psychic centre. It is linked to the Mental body and the pancreas dealing with metabolic/digestive functions. When open and balanced, we recognise our own self-worth from within, and are able to establish our own boundaries without need to control or be controlled by others. It is your centre of personal power. This is where you house feelings of self-esteem, confidence, and honour.
Activation stimulates consciousness of astral influences.

Digestion, Expansiveness, Power, Growth.

You reinforce energy at the third chakra when you:

* Take pride in your work
* Trust your intuition
* Keep your word

Affirmation: I honour myself.

Chakra 4 | Heart | Air, Social identity, oriented to self-acceptance

Chakra 4The heart chakra associated with the air element symbolised by a twelve-petal, grass green lotus flower. Situated in the centre of the chest on the sternum, it is linked to the thymus gland, circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems. The centre of balance between the
three lower and three upper chakras, it is the receptor/distributor of Unconditional Love and compassion. It deals with issues of passion, tenderness, inner child, and rejection. It stores information about harmony, love, and forgiveness.
Activation stimulates awareness of joys and sorrows of others.

Circulation, Love, Passion, and Devotion.

You reinforce energy at the fourth chakra when you:

* Forgive others unconditionally
* Love yourself
* Love others enough to let them experience the world in their own way

Affirmation: I allow Love to be my Divine Power.

Chakra 5 | Throat | Sound, Creative identity, oriented to self-expression

Chakra 5The fifth chakra is associated with the ether element and symbolised as a turquoise six petal lotus flower. It is situated between the collar bone and the larynx on the neck and is linked to the thyroid/parathyroid. This is your centre of will and choice. It acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual energies. It concerns our will and ability to define our own needs and the choices we make. When open and balanced, we are able to express our truths, creativity, and emotional needs openly and honestly without fear of what others might think. Inner hearing is linked to this chakra.
Activation stimulates clairaudience.

Communication, Independence, Fluid Thought, and Inspiration.

You reinforce energy at the fifth chakra when you:

* Exercise self-control
* Empower others
* Speak honestly

Affirmation: I surrender my personal will to the Divine.

Chakra 6 | Third Eye or Brow | Light, Archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection

Chakra 6

The sixth chakra is associated with the spirit element and symbolised as a deep indigo-blue, two-petal lotus flower. It is situated at the centre of the brow and is linked to the spirit and the pituitary gland. It is concerned with balancing our higher and lower selves, extrasensory perception, intuition, inner knowing and inner vision, balancing masculine and feminine energies, as well as ego (lower self) vs. spirit (higher self).
Activation stimulates clairvoyance.

Visualisation, Clarity, Intuition, and Meditation.

You reinforce energy at the sixth chakra when you:

* Take emotional risks
* Open your mind to extravagant possibilities
* Follow your hunches

Affirmation: I seek only truth.

Chakra 7 | Crown | Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge

Chakra 7

The seventh chakra is associated with the spirit element and symbolised as a violet thousand-petal lotus flower. It is situated at the top of the head and is linked to the central nervous system, brain, and the adrenals. It is your centre of mysticism and grace, and opens you up to higher consciousness. This is the link to our spirituality. It opens upward to the brain and connects to the pineal gland that helps regulate the entire endocrine system and produces hormones related to our sexual function, circadian rhythms, and emotional state. It is the governor of inner wisdom and aging.
Lessons of the 7th chakra involve releasing attachments in order to transcend earthbound karma.
Activation assists astral travel.

Meditation, Beingness, Universal Consciousness, and Unity.

You reinforce energy at the seventh chakra when you:

* Seek guidance consciously
* Express gratitude
* Regard your life as a vehicle for spiritual development

Affirmation: I live in the present moment.


Each of the chakras, or energy centres, vibrate at different frequencies. Each chakra presents us with the opportunity to establish a root relationship and to satisfy a deep soul desire. Each frequency holds the gift of a certain power, which enhances our human experience on Planet Earth. As we tune into this power, we are internally empowered to deal with the specific life challenges of that energy centre or chakra and as a consequence to live more whole, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Your consciousness, your experience of being, represents everything it is possible for you to experience. All of your senses, all of your perceptions, all of your possible states of awareness, can be divided into seven categories, and each of these categories can be associated with a particular chakra. Thus, the chakras represent not only particular parts of your physical body, but also particular parts of your consciousness. When you feel tension in your consciousness, you feel it in the chakra associated with the part of your consciousness experiencing the stress, and in the parts of the physical body associated with that chakra. Where you feel the stress depends therefore on why you feel the stress. When someone is hurt in a relationship, they feel it in their heart. When someone is nervous, their legs tremble and their bladder becomes weak.

When there is tension in a particular part of your consciousness, and therefore in the chakra associated with that part of your consciousness, the tension is detected by the nerves of the plexus associated with that chakra, and communicated to the parts of the body controlled by that plexus. When the tension continues over a period of time, or reaches a particular degree of intensity, the person creates a symptom on the physical level. Again, the symptom served to communicate to the person through their body what they had been doing to themselves in their consciousness. When the person changes something about their way of being, they are able to release the stress that had been creating the symptom, and they are then able to return to their natural state of balance and health.

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