Traditionally, the lotus grows in muddy ponds. When the shining flower bud opens above the water, none of the mud adheres to its petals. Lotuses have thus become symbols for purity and virtue. The closed lotus represents our potential for clarity, understanding and open-heartedness. The open lotus represents the blossoming of those qualities in our life. Hence the use of the lotus symbols for the varying chakras ………



Chakra 6 | Third Eye or Brow | Light, Archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection

chakra 6The sixth chakra is associated with the spirit element and symbolised as a deep indigo-blue, two-petal lotus flower. It is situated at the centre of the brow and is linked to the spirit and the pituitary gland. It is concerned with balancing our higher and lower selves, extrasensory perception, intuition, inner knowing and inner vision, balancing masculine and feminine energies, as well as ego (lower self) vs. spirit (higher self). Activation stimulates clairvoyance.

Visualisation, Clarity, Intuition, and Meditation.

You reinforce energy at the sixth chakra when you:
* Take emotional risks
* Open your mind to extravagant possibilities
* Follow your hunches

Affirmation: I seek only truth.


third eye

Brow Chakra

The Ajana, Ajna – Third Eye Chakra – Internal Reflection

THIRD EYE – Chakra Six:
The Third Eye Chakra, located just above the centre point between the eyebrows. It spins extremely fast, and is associated with the colour Indigo. It is the centre of visual, psychic and intuitive perception, and its attributes are clairvoyance, memory, dreams and vision. So we are now in the realms of the intangible.

A dream is not something we can actually touch, but by holding on to it, and by building it into a strong picture in our mind, we are taking the first step towards making that dream a reality. This visualisation process, when combined with the creativity of the Sacral Chakra, the Will of the Solar Plexus and the balance and love of the Heart Chakra, and then expressed at the Throat Chakra, can be an excellent exercise for the Third Eye Chakra.

As this Chakra rules the eyes and pineal gland, when it is not in balance, we can experience eye problems, headaches and nightmares, or in extreme cases, hallucinations or blindness.

To clear this Chakra, we need to maintain the innocence of a child by getting away from the cynical approach of seeing what we expect to see, and start to see and experience everything as if it were for the first time.

The Ajana, Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, is located between the brows in the inward, centre of the forehead. Its name means command, perception, knowledge, authority. It is associated, in the body with the pituitary gland, eyes, brain, with the element light and also beyond the elements, and with the colour indigo.

Human Challenge and Gift – to move from dualistic mind to intuitive neutral mind.

Soul Desire – to focus the mind, where one-pointed clarity and peace automatically occur.

Primal Relationship – with inner and cosmic knowledge.

chakra meditation

Also known as: Consciousness Awareness Centre, Third Eye, Ajna

Body Mind Associations:

Location: Centre of the forehead

Colour: Indigo, Midnight Blue (From the highest spiritual level can be seen as a clear green.)  Western: indigo – Indian: white

Parts of the body: This Chakra is associated with the forehead and temples; with the carotid plexus.

Endocrine Gland: Pituitary Gland

Sense: Extra Sensory Perception; all of the inner senses corresponding to the outer senses, which together are considered spirit-to-spirit communication. These include, for example, clairvoyance (inner sense of vision), clairaudience (inner sense of hearing), clairsentience (inner sense of touch), etc.

Element: Inner Sound; the sound one hears inside that does not depend upon events outside. Often considered a pathological condition by traditional medicine, it is also seen by eastern traditions as a necessary prerequisite to further spiritual growth.

Consciousness: This Chakra is associated with the deep inner level of Being we call the Spirit, and with what we consider spirituality and the spiritual perspective; the point of view from that deeper part of our being that western traditions consider the subconscious or unconscious. It is the place where our true motivations are found, and is the level of consciousness that directs our actions and, in fact, our lives.

It is also from this point of view that one sees events in the physical world as the manifestation of co-creation among the Beings involved in those events.

Location Between the eyebrows, pituitary gland
Colour Indigo, Midnight Blue (From the highest spiritual level can be seen as a clear green.)
Western: indigo – Indian: white
Attributes Intuition, imagination, visualisation, concentration, thought, psychic vision, spiritual love and connection to all things.
Element Light
Gems/Minerals Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Sodalite, Sugilite, Purple Fluorite, Dumortierite, Blue Aventurine, Charoite, Tanzanite, Dark Blue Kyanite  (See more further down)
Musical-Vibrational Note A
Aromatic Chakra Oils Hyacinth, Musk, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lemon, Rosemary
Foundation Perceive higher zones/planes, essence within the astral and dreaming worlds.
When unbalanced you may experience Headaches, poor eyesight, lack of concentration.

Ajna (Agnya)
The Brow Chakra

Ajna is one of the seven archetypical chakras, that is, one of our levels of consciousness.

The Sanskrit name Ajna means ‘to command’ or ‘to perceive‘. The pronunciation Agnya is Bengali and is very often used.
Ajna is viewed as the sixth chakra (from the bottom).

Number of petals – Two
Mantra  – OM
Points out – clarity of vision, objectivity

With the sixth chakra, we’re in the spiritual and mental worlds which is symbolised by the position of the chakra in the head. Here is the place for surveys and insights; here we perceive both the outer and inner world and are able to become aware of the hidden meaning.

Key terms to understand the archetypical aspect of Ajna:
Trying to understand consciousness, understanding symbols, distance, objectivity, overview and insight, attitude to life

We can think about our own experiences of and our attitude towards these aspects. We can also seek ways to work with them in an adequate manner.

Chakra visualisation can be a wonderful tool in your development and it can help you to realise what you are and who you are. Just because of that it should be used with respect. Particularly if you’re using some breathing technique at the same time.
Being conscious of a chakra and it’s aspects means that one activates it to a certain degree. Focused good thoughts and positive energy are also activating. Don’t forget that it’s your own consciousness that guides the visualisation.


Lapis Lazuli 
Purifies the heart to make just decisions. Meditation support.

Connects physical to spiritual and is useful in connections between the 6th & 7th Chakras.

Encourages truthfulness in emotion, self-esteem and trust.

Powerful, but expensive; helps us realise we are all one. Improves wisdom; protects the sensitive.

Purple Fluorite
Clear negative thoughts that hold us back. Repels evil and brings about higher states.

Help recall Past Lives, including knowledge and wisdom acquired during previous lives.

Blue Aventurine
Opens Third Eye Chakra.

Increasing awareness and insight.

Bridge to the pureness of true spirituality

Dark Blue Kyanite
Said to align all Chakras and never needs cleansing.

brow chakra

The sixth chakra is the centre of clairvoyance, visions, transcendence of time and space and integrates all the gifts of wisdom from the Spirit to bridge yourself with the Divine. People who have developed this ability to ‘see‘ more than most people have a bright shining ball here that protects and draws energy into the brain.

When two people mix the energies from this chakra, their clairvoyance increases. If they both are relatively pure in this centre, their understanding of different things will be increased considerably and figures appear around them that are shining green and beautiful, as seen from the higher realms. With very clear people there is seen a ring showing the whole story of creation with the deep understanding of what has happened to him/her and the other within the whole dimension of time all at once.

Third eye problems are mutually intensified if the chakras are unclean, especially in a marriage or other relationship. If one person has an unclean power point then the other must be careful not to be affected by all things that come from there. This is often the reason for divorces. The one with the cleanest chakra intuitively feels betrayed, left out or has simple jealousy. If one is on the way to spiritual enlightenment then be aware of ways to protect from unwanted influences.

This is the Chakra of extra-sensory perception and it is said that many of us will never fully develop this Chakra and even fewer will be able to develop the 7th Chakra.

The Sixth Chakra is about making dreams into reality. It’s about visualising what we want and making it happen. It’s about our ability to ‘see‘, even to the extent we’re given the ‘sight‘ or psychic abilities. It’s about commanding others and using our power and resources with wisdom and intelligence. Its also about healing others — having thoughts so strong, you can send positive energy to another and bring about emotional and spiritual healing.

Chakra Therapy would include laying the proper gemstone upon the Sixth Chakra for 5-25 minutes. You may find surrounding yourself with the Scents of the Sixth Chakra helpful. Visualise a Navy Blue Vortex of light in the shape of a flower emanating slightly upward from your Brow. Imagine the wisdom of the world entering the Blue Light — knowledge beyond what can be known, opening to the ‘Akashic‘ record or the record of all that is, will be or ever was. Feel a deep respect for all men, young, old, wise and unenlightened alike.

“I am in the brotherhood of man, neither better nor worse than any man I meet.”
“I respect everyone, including myself.”
“I forgive as I am forgiven.”
“I’m O.K. You’re O.K.”

Indicators of Sixth Chakra Imbalances: 

* Intellectual arrogance. Being surrounded by either ‘yes-men‘ or persons who fear you.

* Inability to truly consider anyone’s ideas but your own.

* Over-emphasis on material goods and wealth.

* Creating great ideas, but can’t seem to follow through.

* Making promises you can’t keep.

* Friends and family exasperated because you never follow through.

* Feeling as if you’ve never had an original idea.

* Blaming others for anything that does not work out to your benefit. In so far as back stabbing friends, and blaming them without their knowing.

* Living to extremes. Only in black and white. Do you force your religious views on those around you, convinced you’re the only one who is right? Or conversely, are you a complete atheist, without any spirituality in your life at all?

* Putting others down. Pointing out their flaws and snickering or gossiping maliciously.

* Disconnection from reality or becoming lost in a dream or imaginary world, often from substance abuse which is used to artificially obtain the bliss associated with this Chakra.

* Nightmares, guilt, and sometimes hypersensitivity to psychic stimuli.

Tree of Life-red

Chokma and Binah

Agnya corresponds to the second sefira, Chokma, and to the third, Binah. Chokma means ‘wisdom‘, Binah ‘understanding‘.
Chokma is the active, masculine power which stimulates the universe. It could be said to be the energy giving principle behind creation and is called ‘the heavenly father‘.
Binah is passive, feminine and structurising. Binah becomes, through absorbing the free energy of Chokma, the first step to incarnation.

Number two – Archangel Ratziel
Number three – Archangel Tzafkiel

Aspects to work with /meditate on, in Chokma:
The meaning of the Universal Plan.

Aspects to work with /meditate on, in Binah:
Understanding of the Creation and the stillness of Silence.

Mastery over the chakras enhances health and development of the being. Once a person masters a particular level of chakra they are ready for the next level. Certain gifts are awakened within the individual. These gifts are usable within the frame of power and nature of the harmony instilled by this form of self-development. Those who will abuse it will be cut off and disengaged of their power and gifts. Upon the awareness of these gifts there will be most likely hurdles and stumbling blocks. They are designed to test your worthiness and responsibility of them and for your maximum capacity to use them.

With great power comes great responsibility. Those willing to harbour the responsibility are then accentuated in the power. Those unable to harbour the responsibility will be consumed by the power.

Eventually these gifts and powers within themselves will become stumbling blocks and one must transcend them.
There is a purpose in these but in the long run we will not need them.

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