A Crystal is like a butterfly ….
it goes where it pleases, and pleases wherever it goes.

In 1992, a World-Renowned Crystologist named Melody published a book called ‘Love Is In The Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals‘ and won international acclaim for her research of more than 700 members of the Mineral Kingdom.

Love Is In The Earth - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals

Love Is In The Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals

It was through Melody’s books, that I personally developed my own love of crystals, and the knowledge she shares within her books is priceless, and to this day they remain my main source of inspiration and knowledge.

Today, the LIITE ‘Love Is In The Earth‘ series comprises a volume of 9 books including an Encyclopaedia and a Crystal Tarot set. This series is a wonderful library containing the mineralogical & metaphysical properties of thousands of stones, along with many specific techniques for advancing the work of Therapy through Crystals.

Melody is a Scientist residing in Colorado, US, who holds a Bachelor of Science & a Masters Degree in Mathematics. Her extensive understanding of the Mineral Kingdom has led to worldwide interest through her series of books.

There is much Lore on Crystal Healing & Spiritual Healing, and we would love to share time with you if this is an area that appeals to you, as we believe that Crystals have great power in bringing positive change in the mind, body and spirit.  We offer both Workshops and one-on-one Consultations with clients, guiding you towards how to interact with crystals whilst developing, enhancing, and accelerating your own intuitive healing powers.


Depending upon your leanings and beliefs, crystals can be an excellent inroad to use to tap into your inner self, hence unlocking causes behind symptoms and behaviour patterns that may be adversely affecting you, or causing you bodily symptoms that need to be healed.  Crystals can be used for divination, meditation, healing and magick, to name but a few.

Crystals have a tendency to ‘call‘ to you, so you need to be aware so as to tune in to them.  When a certain crystal will be of benefit to you, you will instantly know because you will seek it out – or if walking past some crystals for sale you will be unable to resist the need to purchase that which calls you – even if at that stage you are not aware of the metaphysical properties it may hold for you.

They become extremely close friends and you will have the desire to have them within your presence at all times, or carry them with you if they are of a suitable size.  If you are carrying crystals with you, having a small drawstring cloth or skin bag in which to place them is ideal, as it keeps them from becoming tarnished and also keeps them safe from breakage.  These bags are often termed ‘medicine bags‘.  Alternatively you may enjoy wearing your most treasured crystals in either a necklace, brooch or bracelet, for example.

In order for the crystals to do the best work in healing you, it is beneficial for you to understand the properties each crystal possesses … that is when books such as Melody’s become so important.  You are able to heal yourself with Crystals – or alternatively you may feel better if a person more tuned in to each crystal does the healing for you.  Either way, for the crystal to be able to do what is necessary for you, you must have true and open faith in the crystals ability to do good work for you and your body.  Skepticism is the biggest deterrent to healing taking place.

Treat crystals as your very best friends and they will eagerly respond and give to you all of their amazing energy.  Crystals ‘vibrate‘ and this energy is what is passed on to you to do the healing work.  If you have a healer assist you, and we are very happy to offer this to you, it is also beneficial to carry with you those crystals that are the most important for whatever healing is being done.

We have listed within our pages only a mere sampling of varying crystals, but when we are together we can share much more with you.

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