Meditating is actually easier than you might imagine, or easier than how some text books choose to convey it to us.  Most people have dabbled in meditation by participating in conscious relaxation – mostly whilst awaiting something in their lives that makes them anxious, like an exam, or the dentist, for instance.  We start by paying attention to our breathing. The practical effort to focus completely on our breathing takes our minds away from the “mind chatter” that constantly tries to invade our mind and eliminate feelings that will lead to a time of calm. With repeated effort, the goal of clearing your mind – to think of nothing – does occur and the process of meditation takes on its own energy. The result is peace, serenity, calmness, and eventually opening yourself to new insights.

Meditating for Life

Too much stress, stress reduction, chill out, let it go, detach – these are all familiar phrases commonly used in our daily speech. Our world is fast. It is also challenging, trying, demanding and frightening. These aspects of our lives produce stress, emotional reactions, anxiety, worry and anticipation. Our bodies and minds can tolerate only so many of any of these emotions. After a while, each of us reaches a saturation point and the results become uncomfortable at best – for some it may be unbearable, even unendurable.

No magic is available to eliminate these feelings. The reality is, as many a wise old mage has said, “the answer is inside all of us“. To manage these universal concerns we must go inside ourselves. Among the steps we can take are the learning and practising of meditation.

What to Expect

With time and faith in the commitment to practise frequently, (daily meditating is ideal), during your meditation time you may “leave the moment.” A feeling of separation exists where the mind is clear, clean and blank. You will still hear sounds around you, but they will not interfere with your meditation.

Sometimes you may weep — you may not even be aware of what is making you weep. It is your own emotions having a voice of their own. Sometimes you may feel a smile across your face — that is contentment showing itself. Sometimes you may fall asleep and awaken truly refreshed.

There is no right or wrong behaviour during your meditation. It is your time for you. Everyone deserves this kind of personal attention. This is a self-care activity; loving oneself! Teach it to your friends, family, anyone who will listen. We can share this gift and get back as we give. We are all better because of each person who meditates. The peace and joy felt by those who meditate enters the world for all of us as positive energy. From it, the world is a better place. Imagine if everyone practised meditation!  What a wonderful world that would be!! …..



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Miracles are Made

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