Perhaps mysticism is the science or art of the spiritual life.
…the expression of the innate tendency of the human spirit towards complete harmony with the transcendental order.

Typically, mystics see their experiences as part of a larger undertaking aimed at human transformation.
Mysticism tends to refer to experiences supporting belief in a cosmic unity rather than the advocation of a particular religious ideology.

So, it could be said that a mystical experience is an intuitive understanding and realisation of the meaning of existence – that which is intense, integrating, self-authenticating and liberating.

Why Seek and Explore Mystical Practices & Experiences?
The objectives of Mysticism are to deepen and enrich the human experience of life and to harmonise our inner and outer spiritual connection and resources. The Mystics, ancient and modern, teach us how to experience and participate in the spiritual dimension of everyday life and how to feel and act more at one with all of creation.

Many walks of life believe that mysticism lies at the heart of human nature. There is a basic need to transcend our mundane everyday life from time to time to experience being part of something bigger and more important than our self. Struggling, as many do, for survival in the competitive jungle society of a demanding, dog-eat-dog world where everyone competes for attention, love and resources, or else seeks mindless oblivion in alcohol or drugs, leads one to seek a higher realm on which to exist.

Our modern culture is very self-centred, obsessed with the short-lived highs that today’s society seeks.  There is a growing inner emptiness and restless dissatisfaction in many people’s lives, which can only be met by filling our basic need for experiences that uplift us above the everyday boredom and limitation. Our current worldwide epidemic of obesity is a direct symptom of an inner hunger which cannot be filled by either the dreadful food that is getting to the stage of being almost all that is available for the average person, or the couch-potato TV/computer-addicted lifestyle.

Join in on our Sacred / Magickal Activities
Our mystical and spiritual needs can to some extent be filled by working on our own, but for many people greatest effectiveness can be achieved by working in a group setting.

The emphasis of our workshops is on guided and supported personal exploration – at a speed and depth chosen by each individual – via a range of mystical practises such as spiritual art, shamanism, totem and spirit guides, storytelling, crystal work, meditation, reiki and kinesiology – plus any personal mystical experiences that participants might wish to share.

Visit all our pages to see where your interests lie, and we look forward to your contact.  We do offer one-on-one sessions if you prefer, which can be undertaken via ‘phone or in person – or else join us in one of our group sessions which are uplifting as well as good fun.

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