Leave the world of Illusion



What poses for happiness is a few moments between the time a problem has been solved and the next one has not yet shown up. As a four or five year old you were full of energy, curiosity, spontaneity, movement and playfulness. Slowly illusion replaced these qualities, choking your aliveness and limiting your thinking to repetition and structure.

When illusion disappears you can see clearly the perfection all around you. You can love freely without fear. Earth becomes your playground. How wonderful your life can be – you will never know, as long as illusions are in the way.
Becoming a protégé may not begin easily, but will get progressively easier as you shed illusions and lighten up. You deserve a break – a permanent break – away from the constant trauma of illusion.


You will get to know who you really are. We will combine discussion, meditation, suggested reading, understanding the ways to communicate with your Spiritual Guides and your Higher Self … and more. Whatever it is you are looking for, we will earnestly set out to achieve this together.

Our time together will be challenging to your limitations and provide an environment to enable who you are to shine through illusion. Mikayla leads you into a world where you can explore your life without illusion. When illusion disappears you can clearly see the world around you.

You will receive an abundance of attention to explore your inner self. You will speed up your thoughts and reactions to the point that you don’t hold on to any of them.

We would be honoured to share time with you!

People consistently report that becoming a protégé is one of the most important events in their life. Our discussions and work together speak to a part of them that has been ignored – that is deep, honest, and so much closer to who they are than what they normally access. Ironically, at the same time that Mikayla is speaking to the depth and perfection in each protégé, this is not threatening. You will never be asked to share anything personal, you will not be confronted, and you will dance and laugh much more than usual.

Mikayla will guide you into exploring spiritual relationships (in all its wondrous splendour), energy work, storytelling, how to use shamanic healing as a way to softly approach the sensitivity in each of us, and how to make room for your heart in a head-based culture. She will explore areas with you to unite head, heart and spirit in an endless universe within and investigate new discoveries about threshold and how to deal with the tough times of life.

Join Us, Will You?

We are all the conscious connection between Heaven and Earth. Balancing both aspects within us yields a profoundly simple & elegant life. What we cover together will allow us to tease out who we are and be a tribute to the parts of us we don’t yet love.
You can gain perspective on your life by examining where you are. Even more importantly, you can learn how to express what you discover about who you really are to make the rest of your life deeply worth living.

While exploring philosophy, our time together will be fun, challenging, healthy, light, deep and rewarding.

What do you want to accomplish with your life? Step out of the rat race for a while, maybe for the rest of your life, and play with what is really important to you.

We will explore relating, self-esteem and self-image, self expression, health, energy flow, luxury, Mother Nature, choices, music, loving, trust, respect, surrender, and anything else your needs require.


….. is the expression of energy into form. It is the way you play with the universe and it plays back to you. Nothing great is possible without passion and bringing passion with you makes anything a party. Everyone has experienced passion but few people generate it. We will discuss how you can live a life of passion – be passionate about the simple prospect of waking up to a new and wondrous day every morning.


….. is the opportunity to find out you are much bigger than you thought you were. To discover that there is nothing of which to be afraid and that in fact, you can only win. In the process of relating, you will discover both who you are and who you are not, which shows you who you really want to be.


Love is inclusion. Each day you are bombarded with too much to include;  too many sounds, too much to do, too much to see and too much to feel. Maybe, for once in your life, you should get away from the pains and distractions and find out who you really are. We are here to assist and guide you.


Peace is what everybody deserves and so few people ever experience it. You will never be the same after you discover how to open up your Inner Self. Unwind and create a life worth living, full of quality and not of diversion and suffering. You deserve it, don’t you?





– Guidance for the Heart, Mind and Soul

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