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… begin with skilful contemplative listening. There is an inner voice continually beckoning us to higher ground, a better place, a more joyful life’s experience, creative solutions, greater health and well being, financial security and peace of mind.

The language of the Universe, however, is interpreted in the dialect of energy or vibrations. When we speak our desires, it must be in the energy dialect of a belief of having received it. The Universe then recognises the energy request and begins its’ magnificent delivery!

The process of understanding and managing this energy is a vehicle toward that end.



Teaching Proteges


Our philosophy is based upon the principles and practices of holistic medicine from around the world. Our goal is to provide protégés with tools to enable them to make choices that will enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

*MIRACLES IN THE MAKING* brings together the theories and practice from a lifetime of experience and study in the absolutely diverse field of life itself. Mikayla creates an environment that embodies the essence of healing, provides suggested therapeutic body treatments, health care, meditation instruction, and diverse training courses. Our emphasis is on providing guidance to help individuals promote their own longevity, human potential and success, while increasing personal balance, happiness, and fulfilment.

Effective mentors guide with virtue; without force or effort. In an atmosphere of inspiration, trust, courage, and harmony – where interdependence and personal strength are created – individuals begin to grow and become more aware, more conscious of their greater selves, as well as the greatness of others.

What is mentoring?

MENTORING – A community of wisdom.

MENTORING – The gift of flight for your soul.

MENTORING – Balancing heart, mind and spirit.
To mentor is to teach; to help another person learn.


– Guidance for the Heart, Mind and Soul

Consulting Services
When you establish a relationship with Mikayla, you receive access to support, encouragement, and a variety of resources to assist your development.

You are invited to participate as a protégé of Mikayla and you will discover how incredible you are and always were. As a *Miracles in the Making* protégé, Mikayla will encourage you to challenge your limitations, providing an environment for who you really are to shine through the illusion.

On what areas of life will we focus?

What expertise does Mikayla have to assist me?

How long do we spend together … and where?

What are the costs?

Mikayla is a facilitator, motivator and a qualified teacher to those seeking to learn how to activate and integrate their tremendous inner power and their unlimited outer potential. She offers guidance in developing deeper inner listening, and insights into the transforming power of



  • Excerpt from my Journal entry ….“I leaned my elbows on the top of the railing, gazing down the valley.  I had been wondering for a while why I could see the tops of so many cypress trees. Then I had discovered that there was a large grove planted about 200 meters down the property that I could see as I looked out from the back balcony.  It was an absolutely amazing thing – a previous owner of the property, at least 10 years prior, had planted these trees to form a maze … simply awe-inspiring!!I opened up my Journal – only to now sit and ponder ………… so many things to discuss, but where do I start? This immediately brings to mind the words of a favourite song – “Let’s start at the very beginning!”But …… where is the beginning??My thoughts wind about, searching frantically. What a puzzle I am now facing. A puzzle …. yes! But is the puzzle where to start writing, or is the puzzle just a puzzle of life itself? Interesting aspect.

    Again, I search my thoughts, looking for the portal through which to jump to enable me to gain a foothold on where things are …. or where they are going TO, for that matter. Well, one thing is definitely certain …… things aren’t what they used to be! Boy! That was a silly thing to say! Who would want them to be the way they used to be, for goodness sake! I wonder if there is any pattern that I can follow?

    Have you ever walked a labyrinth? What a wonderfully intriguing experience to walk through a good one.I view a labyrinth as a great analogy to life ….. once you enter, you must continue on until you complete the full circuit. There is no way out except forward! Of course, you can go backwards and retrace your steps, but that is far less successful. Besides, who chooses to go backwards … very few people. What do you have if you go backwards anyway? You only have to get going and get through it later, or otherwise you are totally immobile … stuck in a huge rut with nowhere to turn. Forwards is the only way.”


So, here is the process of *THE LABYRINTH OF LIFE* …..

Firstly, you will be encouraged to keep a Labyrinth Diary, becoming consciously aware of intrusive negative thoughts. You’ll learn to monitor how you feel, noticing the feeling tone behind your words and thoughts. This factor is crucial in the process of Life’s Labyrinth, because your feelings are your strongest, most reliable indicators of how you are thinking.

The habit of negative thinking is sometimes so insidious, that it can be difficult to recognise until one begins a conscious process of being aware. Once recognised however, you will discover you ALWAYS have a choice. You can decide whether to refocus away from the thought that creates pain, worry, fear and other negative emotions, to a thought that generates feelings of a little more peace, joy and overall well being, or not. Whichever you choose, at that instant, you make a conscious, deliberate, decision on where you prefer to focus your thoughts. Your thinking is no longer automatic. You become the deliberate creator of your thoughts and consequently your circumstances.

Next you will learn the astounding value of getting in touch with your inner guidance system. This is the still small voice within that never fails us. It is referred to by many names, but is represented here as our Higher Power.

From here, I will assist you in identifying the inspired actions, which frequently come out of the process of inner connection. Then you will have my support in following through with your list of inspired actions, while at the same time staying in a place of optimistic anticipation of the evidence of your desired goal.

Countless noted authors and speakers, write that the Universe always give us that for which we ask , but only understands the language of our emotional energy. When we express a desire to have something, the Universe responds to the underlying feeling of our expression. If, when we say we want something and we go after it from a point of not believing we can have it, the Universe responds in a way that reflects that belief.

As you begin to see clear evidence of the appearance of your desires, you’ll learn to anchor it. Anchoring is a process of noting the tiniest successes and turn of events which verify your desire is in the process of manifesting. This process is powerful because it forces you to be aware of the visible connection between thoughts and results, thereby increasing your belief in the power of these Universal laws. Eventually one success multiplies into many and they will begin to build upon one another. Before long, you will be able to look down the path and witness how far you’ve come and how developed and expansive your belief system has grown.

My mission is to serve as a guide, to remind you of the inherent power you possess and then assist you in learning how to access it.

I offer these and other processes through individual and group mentoring to help in achieving your objectives.

Managing thoughts and words has the remarkable effect of transforming our *wanting* into the joyful feeling that it’s absolutely on it’s way, nothing can stop it, it’s got our name on it — and then the Universe responds in kind.

If you’re ready to begin, make a Reservation and contact me today, including your name, email address and some relevant introductory comments, for a complimentary discovery session about your needs and goals, during which we can customise a strategy that works best for you.


To make an appointment, view complete details on all available Courses and Workshops, plus Counselling, Mentoring and other aspects offered, visit our educational section:

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Please contact us with any specialised needs.



My fee is negotiated prior to starting our sessions and is payable in advance.  The monthly fee is payable initially and the weekly session fees can be paid each week if desired, or else monthly, in advance – whichever best suits your budget.

I guide you over the telephone, Skype and/or through email. I typically commence the schedule with one telephone session of one hour per week, at AU$25.00 per hour.  There is an additional fee, to secure my ongoing and as-needed services, of AU$100.00 per month.  I assure you that these fees are well under the costs of the majority of consultants, (the average fees are around a minimum of US$100.00) and please note well that I have quoted in AUD not USD, but my aim is to be of assistance – not to drive a Porsche!!

Various time packages are available and the ideal situation is to arrange a schedule that best suits the needs of each individual protégé. All telephone sessions include email backup. For internationals, we will need to negotiate suitable times to suit each person’s time zone.  As-needed guidance and assistance is also available, at the same rate of AU$25.00 per hour, as long as I have the time free.

My mentoring model is one of mutual responsibility between protégé and mentor. The power is granted to the relationship – not to me as the mentor. We will work together to design an alliance that meets your needs. The relationship is custom tailored to the communication approach that works best for you. You are in control of the relationship and ultimately of the changes you make in your life.

One of the benefits of having me as your mentor is that I only work with a very small number of individual protégés at a time, so that you always get very focused attention on a daily basis. I am continually thinking about you and how I can best support you, understanding your goals and dreams, and your struggles as well. Since I work with only a handful of protégés at a time, I consider myself ‘on retainer‘ to you, even between our formal sessions.

Because my client base is international, I usually request a photo so I have your image in front of me daily where I can remember my commitment to you and your success, and am able to hold a very definite focus on your visions, dreams and goals. I am here for you, completely committed to your vision and your agenda, and I am guiding you even when we are not in direct contact.

There’s no better time than now to make your dreams a reality!


– Guidance for the Heart, Mind and Soul

Consulting Services
With Mikayla

There are many aspects that we can explore together.
As a protégé it will become a path for you of excitement, enlightenment and success.


Explore this site to learn about your Mentor, Mikayla, and to learn about what we have to offer you.

You may be looking for some valuable time spent with Mikayla as you work through some issues that you are currently facing, and in which you would love to have a supportive shoulder on which to lean.

Perhaps you would benefit from one of our short Courses, or Workshops.

Alternatively, a full Retreat will soothe your mind, body and spirit, and we offer you many options; from spending time completely on your own to varying aspects of guidance that we will offer you during your stay.  Work with us covering food, nutrition, self-sufficiency and relaxing crafts – any or all that may suit your needs.

Whatever you choose, we are confident that you will come away refreshed and renewed, and ready to take on the world!!










To make an appointment, view complete details on all available Courses and Workshops, plus Counselling, Mentoring and other aspects offered, visit our educational section:

Making Miracles


Please contact us with any specialised needs.

Miracles are Made

Rurally located in S E Qld, just an hour or so west of Brisbane in the picturesque Brisbane Valley, we are very centrally positioned being no more than 1-2 hours from either Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba or Caboolture. We are open all year.