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“There are only two ways to live your life;
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is.”

~Albert Einstein~

A simple law of the universe says *wherever you focus your attention, you also focus your creative energy. In other words, what you think about, you create in your experience*.

Life tends to push us into varying directions to show us what it is that we are looking for … or missing out on.  Mostly, it is much easier for us to know what it is that we are missing … we know what we DON’T want, but we don’t always know as easily just what we DO want.  We make contrasts between those around us … we compare and take notes.  This tends to highlight even more to us that we are missing out on something that we need … something for which we hanker.  If that need is able to be met elsewhere, it can exaggerate our feelings of confusion because we are getting something that pleases us and it shows up the contrast of the gap that seems to be in our lives.

You end up just accepting and tolerating whatever life throws at you, whether this be in the form of your career, your mate, your income, your living environment, etc.  Then, of course, in our state of *tolerating life* the more we focus upon what we don’t want, the more of it we experience.

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Making Miracles


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The 4 magick words that enable you to use this Creative Universal Force in your own life are …


“What do I want?” Begin using these 4 words each day.  If you ask for it, the answers will come. Keep asking until the answers do come.

When you focus your *attention* on what you want and make it your *intention* to create it, you take hold of a creative force that can literally move mountains.

Alexander Graham Bell spoke of this force when he stated the following:
“What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.”

As a powerfully creative individual, YOU have this power within you!




If you need help sorting out your personal and/or professional problems, we offer our services as a Mentor — a new kind of advisor who will strategise with you in weekly sessions (or other, by request and need) held on the phone, in person and/or via e-mail.

Born out of the competitive pressures of today’s economy, as well as the struggle to find balance in the frenzied pace of modern life, Mentoring is offered to assist people grappling with life issues.

Mentors develop a personal partnership with their protégés that is very different from the relationship people have with a consultant, or even a friend. The protégé uses the Mentor to set goals, grow, get a great life and make changes, and one of the reasons it works is that a Mentor helps a client stay in action, and stay on purpose. A Mentor is like a still small voice saying, “Are you really doing what you want to do? What have you done this week to accomplish your goal?” It keeps them on track.

At the core of virtually all successful and personally satisfying mentoring is a meaningful relationship with another person.

What is mentoring?
A process of building a mutually beneficial partnership to help develop the skills, behaviours and insights to reach the protégé’s goals, in which the mentor has no stake in the outcomes.

A person on whom one is able to lean towards for advice, discussions and sounding out one’s inner thoughts and struggles.  Someone who is always there for you, to assist and guide you towards the path you seek in life.

Having an unbiased viewpoint, a Mentor is more easily able to guide, rather than perhaps is the advice offered from family and friends, who are usually directly involved.

If you seek guidance and support in either your business, private or spiritual growth, we are here to assist.

Mikayla offers clients Mentoring, Counselling, Coaching – all of which are varying terms used in our language, each of which arrive at the same goal, which is that of assisting clients to grow and heal, thus enabling them to move forward.  She works with several methods to assist her clients, one of which is Shamanic Healing.

This is a transformative journey filled with healing, balance, discovery, and awakening. Offered at the request of the protégé, Mikayla will help you clear your mind, lessen anxiety, detoxify your body, empower your nutrition, manage stress, re-centre yourself, and bring peace into your life. We will share time-honoured tools and techniques designed to help you heal at the level of the mind, body, and soul. Assisted by Mikayla, you will learn practical techniques, personal solutions, and daily routines to help you move beyond the career, relationship, and personal challenges that may trap you in current patterns. At each meeting you will learn and practise the ancient art of understanding how to balance your daily routine.

– Guidance for the Heart, Mind and Soul

Consulting Services
With Mikayla

There are many aspects that we can explore together.
As a protégé it will become a path for you of excitement, enlightenment and success.


Explore this site to learn about your Mentor, Mikayla, and to learn about what we have to offer you.

You may be looking for some valuable time spent with Mikayla as you work through some issues that you are currently facing, and in which you would love to have a supportive shoulder on which to lean.

Perhaps you would benefit from one of our short Courses, or Workshops.

Alternatively, a full Retreat will soothe your mind, body and spirit, and we offer you many options; from spending time completely on your own to varying aspects of guidance that we will offer you during your stay.  Work with us covering food, nutrition, self-sufficiency and relaxing crafts – any or all that may suit your needs.

Whatever you choose, we are confident that you will come away refreshed and renewed, and ready to take on the world!!









To make an appointment, view complete details on all available Courses and Workshops, plus Counselling, Mentoring and other aspects offered, visit our educational section:

Making Miracles


Please contact us with any specialised needs.

Miracles are Made

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