Mikayla - Mikky Eagle

Mikayla – Mikky Eagle

Mikayla is rather a recluse these days, living in a valley of the South Eastern region of Queensland, Australia with a view of society and culture via looking in from the outside, so to speak. Each day in the retreat of Peregrine Park is an endless exploration of existence, consciousness, and feeling what it is to be a human being – living close to nature. Being focused on a natural and sustainable way of life, taking us back to who we really are without the pressures and health and wellness issues that modern life creates, is Mikayla’s main occupation.  The family’s forty acre sanctuary and small farm creates an atmosphere conducive to introspection, opening, and playing, which are too often lacking in our fast-paced world.



Mikayla shares a home with her family of four young adults – and a host of friends from the animal kingdom. All four of her children were ‘unschooled‘, more commonly termed home schooled, away from the standard Education System, basing their education on the Steiner and un-schooling philosophies. The result of using these philosophies is a group of strong-minded, intelligent, independent people who have such a wealth of insight and knowledge that it is wonderful to behold!  There is a continuous stream of fascinating and interesting experiences on the property. Home to various wildlife, it has unlimited areas for wandering, lovely water lily strewn dams for the water supply if the rainfall is insufficient (which unfortunately it frequently is), rock gardens and pools to cater to their love of the Japanese style, owls, alpaca, kangaroos, koalas, geese, peacocks and too many other birds and animals to list.  You may see more of our property here.

Koala at Peregrine Park

Koala at Peregrine Park

Continually nurturing the property back from the harsh open paddocks that were cleared by former residents many years ago for cattle grazing, the family are slowly creating a wildlife sanctuary, and the property is listed as a Land for Wildlife sanctuary, as well as being a member of the Wildlife Land Trust.  In September 2012 the family was really very proud to announce that they were accepted as the 183rd member – please visit our page   In October 2012 they were accepted as a member of Land for Wildlife ♥  – Land for Wildlife South East Queensland, is a vibrant, progressive program that aims to protect native wildlife and flora for the benefit of future generations. Land for Wildlife brings together like-minded landholders to share skills and knowledge about nature conservation. To date over 50,000 hectares of habitat for wildlife has been protected with a further 3700 hectares under restoration, just in South East Queensland.

Our Pocket of Paradise

Our Pocket of Paradise

On Peregrine Park they have established several large plantings of Grevillea and a multitude of other flowering native specimens to attract an abundance of birds, Tipuana trees are scattered amongst the gum trees, an orchard lines the driveway, and a magnificent daily sunrise and sunset, with the clearest of starry nights imaginable, all invite reverence.

Mikayla hasn’t always lived in this Valley.  She used to live in Victoria, in the south of Australia, and drive to work wearing classical suits. She was a successful Secondary School Teacher with the Victorian Education Department. Her past careers span the gamut of experience from owning three retail stores and a small franchise, to fashion designer, to selling Cane Toad skins and wet submarines and divers’ tows on the international market!! All of Mikayla’s occupations have some things in common: she was successful at each of them and all of her career changes required a greater commitment to people and an increased ability to relate effectively with clients and co-workers.

Mikayla loves people and is committed to finding out what is possible for ‘us‘ as human beings. Her love of people and desire to contribute to them are apparent in her many writings and guidance she has offered to people from all over the world during the many years since 2000 whilst she has been communicating via the internet. Mikayla is very isolated in her physical surroundings, yet readily available to lend a helping hand and/or ear to those who ask her assistance or guidance.

On arriving at their property in Toogoolawah in 2002, the family have expanded their online business, Nature’s Wonderland.  Being a family owned and operated business, it is the result of years of dedication and innovation by the four young Nature's Wonderland Logosiblings. Guided by the wisdom of their mother, they have built a thriving store based on the foundations of offering quality products, insightful information and great service.  It is through this business that many people know of Mikayla and her family.  Nature’s Wonderland has enjoyed wonderful success, both in a bricks and mortar store as well as online, during many years of growth.  From a single store in Warburton, Victoria in 1996 to online since 1999, the business has built up an excellent reputation with a diverse, high quality and sought after product portfolio, with only the most superior top-quality brand name merchandise available.  The family walk their talk through all the health and wellness products they both sell and personally use, and their knowledge on all products in their portfolio is vast.  For this reason, the participants in the Workshops offered can feel totally confident that they are being tutored and looked after by knowledgeable veterans in the Juice, Raw Food and associated healthful ways of life.

 Join us in our pursuit and discover a new way of life

Mikayla - Mikky Eagle

Mikayla – Mikky Eagle


Mikayla’s credentials are impressive, both educationally and experientially. A trained Secondary School Teacher, Mikayla has been studying in many and varied fields all of her adult life. She originally gained her qualifications in the Fashion industry, and has additional higher training in the fields of education, psychology and philosophy, as well as in natural sciences and the arts. She has done extensive practical training in the ways of the shaman and numerous other aspects of spirituality. Although still learning and exploring daily, Mikayla has reached a point where she is ready to give back some of what she has learned in the hope that it will improve the quality of life for others. Mikayla does personal Mentoring and leads several Spiritual Art courses periodically – amongst many other varied subjects. Her courses and mentoring are a mixture of health, wellness and nutrition, sustainability, philosophy, and art / craft – all uniting mind and body into a spiritual outlook.

Mikayla takes the same approach whether she is Tutoring in Workshops, or Mentoring and Counselling her clients – which is one of warmth, friendliness and compassion.  Using her vast life experiences and her empathic nature, she is able to quickly and easily pick up on where her clients are needing assistance, and works closely with them as they grow through the processes they are requiring, whether that be learning, or counselling.

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– Guidance for the Heart, Mind and Soul

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There are many aspects that we can explore together.  As a protégé it will become a path for you of excitement, enlightenment and success.

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Below is an insight into her Visionary Art …..

Mikky Eagle - Original Pastel Drawing

Mikayla, by Mikky Eagle
– Original Pastel Drawing



I often get questions about how I come up with ideas, how I got started doing this style of drawing, how long it takes to create a drawing, and so on. Hopefully this page will answer some of those questions for you. If you have any queries that aren’t discussed here, then please feel free to contact me with the details of what you would like to know.



My inspiration comes from within me ….. I am guided to draw by an inner urge, led by Spirit. Every drawing has so many messages to convey … directions it can take. Sometimes the idea I start out with becomes something else entirely by the time the piece is finished. When I draw, I often commence by asking a question that I would like answered, or, when I am doing Personally Commissioned drawings, I ask the question my client would like answered. Alternatively, some clients like to get in touch with their Spirit Guides and/or their Totem or Power Animals, and in consequence I draw the energies of those beings. Having your Guide’s presence in a drawing is very empowering and emits immense feelings of love, drawing you very close to your Guides.


My creative process differs from many artists. I rarely do any preliminary sketches, other than occasionally rough stick figures to give me a feel for the layout if working with animals. Usually I just sit quietly for a while, in meditation, and then just start drawing. I am guided to use a particular colour paper as part of the symbolism of the drawing, and often I use my crystal pendulum to assist in choosing the correct colours of both paper and pastels. The drawing can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours on average. I never set it aside without completing it, as I prefer to continue working with the original energies that are being given to me during the meditation. In so doing, I get the best results as regards the messages I am bringing through. Most of my pieces include a spiritual being, and as such, I refer to them as “Soul Essence” drawings. Some drawings are purely symbolic in their content, containing images, and often words and/or phrases to assist in conveying the impact of the message. My drawings are all done on full sized, professional-quality pastel paper that is about 56×76 cm / 20×30 inches.

Mikayla originally drew her art signing it ‘Sharyn‘ or ‘Sha‘, but currently uses the ‘nom de plume’ Mikky Eagle for her creative works.


By personally commissioning a beautiful pastel drawing, you will be given an insight into the messages that your Guides and Higher Self are conveying to you, thus bringing out your *Soul Essence* from within.   Better still – learn this process for yourself and be able to draw your inner self out whenever you feel inclined to receive a message from within.  I do trust you will greatly enjoy the energy from these drawings and I thank you so much for taking the time to read about my work and my life.  I look forward to doing business with you and thanks so much for visiting.



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