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A Pocket of Paradise …

Our focus is on the environment and world around us. This focus is evident in the surroundings of all we do.
Based on a 40 acre rural property in the peaceful countryside of the Brisbane Valley, the setting is lush grassland and trees, filled with a multitude of wildlife, from birds to mammals and insects.

Land for Wildlife - Our PropertyHowever, when we came here in the early 2000s, it was poorly cared for, a barren paddock of dead grass.  After careful nurturing and planting, the land flourished, becoming its own mini ecosystem. Where there was nothing but cracked dirt, there is now thriving greenery. A menagerie of wild fauna are attracted to this Wonderland, and build their homes around our little pocket of paradise. The air is filled with birdsong, whilst families of kangaroos can be seen lounging in the paddocks. New species of butteWildlife Land Trust - Our Propertyrflies have appeared, attracted by the blossoming flowers. Amongst the many, many birds are lorikeets, ravens, eagles and galahs, as well as an abundance of varying finches and other small birds, along with families of apostle birds.
The atmosphere is tranquil, with a spectacular view of the land and hills in the distance.

Far away from cities, pollution and noise, our place truly offers all the beauty and peace of nature.

As of September and October 2012, Nature’s Wonderland (our business name and retail outlet) was proudly registered with the Wildlife Land Trust and Land for Wildlife, respectively, with 75 species of birds and animals – and continually growing!

The Serenity of the Japanese …

To enhance the natural beauty of the environment, the area has been landscaped in a beautiful stone garden, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese gardens with our own modern twist.

This tranquil area has a meandering path leading from the car park to the buildings. Taking elements from Japanese gardens has given us a unique landscape that is simple and minimalist, but exquisite in its serenity and calmness.Japanese Garden - Our Property
The features include a bridge over a traditional dry river bed, a distinctive part of the original Asian gardens. Although the bed can hold water when it rains, it still represents the element of water when dry, keeping the elements balanced at all times. In addition to the river bed, there is also a large pond leading to a small reflection pond, in which sits a bamboo water spout and magnificent Aventurine and Rose Quartz crystals. Completing the look are stone lanterns, jade bushes and delicate weeping figs.

All of this comes together to create a harmonious atmosphere that calms the soul, a perfect area in which to relax and take in the peaceful surrounds.

An Edible Garden …

Section of Permaculture Garden - Our PropertyIn our modern world, real, fresh food is becoming hard to find. Instead, food is genetically modified and covered in pesticides, amongst a myriad of other unnatural practices, resulting in products that are not only of poor quality, but also taste bad and are damaging for your health and well-being.

To combat this problem, here we have worked to create our own sustainable world of living food. We have not only beautified our property by planting a multitude of trees and bushesStarting a section of the Veggie Garden - Our Property, we have also specifically chosen plants that produce food — a truly edible garden!
A section of the long driveway is dedicated to fruiting trees such as citrus, stone fruit, apples, pears, exotics and more. Other areas include a variety of nut trees such as macadamia, chestnut, pecan, and an ice-cream bean; passionfruit and youngberries grow on the fences; and finally there is the very large permaculture vegetable garden!
This  garden is planted with a vast assortment of vegetables, herbs and flowers. CompaniChamomile, Geranium & Butterflies - Our Propertyon planting is implemented — a gardening technique where different types of crops are intermingled with other plants that benefit each other. This helps various plants in different ways — scattering herbs throughout deters pests, flowers attract beneficial insects, tall plants protect the smaller plants beneath them, and low-lying spreading plants keep weeds from growing. The result is not only highly attractive, but the plants are rich and healthy, requiring no use of dangerous pesticides or herbicides.

One of the most satisfying things you can do is to watch your very own vegetables and herbs grow and flourish, and to know that you can go out and pick fresh, pure food straight from your own garden!

Our ultimate aim is to be able to provide, directly from our garden, a large percentage of our own food.  In addition, being a rural establishment we are not on town water, and therefore we catch our own water into quite a few water tanks.  This alleviates any of the chemicals and fluoride that is part of the town water system – and as such, a major health advantage! We willingly teach others to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Animal Companions …

Artorius -Appaloosa Gelding - Our PropertyOf course, this little paradise we have created would not be complete without animal companions.
As well as the wild animals who roam around, the property is also home to an assortment of domestic animals. A small family of horses spend their days happily ambling about their spacious paddocks and munching on the abundant green grass. Our 3 Alpaca Machos - Our PropertyTo the back there are bantams and chickens — for fresh eggs every day — ducks, turkeys, a peacock, guineafowl, goats, donkeys, cows and even a few alpaca. All of these animals are healthy, happy and allowed to roam in large paddocks and eat natural grass and insects. There is one huge dam at the front of the property and two smaller ones at the back, supplying the animals with natural, chemical free water.

Our animals serve as friends and companions, and all of them love to get their morning and evening treats. Keeping animals not only serves to enrich our environment and life, but we also get to eat fresh eggs from our very own poultry, and the naturally shed feathers are used in décor around the home and retreat, as well as in craft use.

In closing, we aim to create a concept that projects a Way of Life — how we envisage that people SHOULD be living… no hustle-bustle, no smog — instead clean, clear country air that is fresh and great for your good health. Rather than chemical-laced, chlorinated water, drink pure, natural rain water. And strive to grow and eat your own frePeacock & Bantam - Our Propertysh, wholesome food. We encourage and recommend a sustainable way of life. Environment is as important to a person’s well being as are Good Food, Water and Air, and we endeavour to live as we believe everyone should.


To learn even more about our unique lifestyle and ideals, we encourage you to get in touch with us and start to live it yourself.


Miracles are Made

Rurally located in S E Qld, just an hour or so west of Brisbane in the picturesque Brisbane Valley, we are very centrally positioned being no more than 1-2 hours from either Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba or Caboolture. We are open all year.